Fruit juice blends Not From Concentrate

Fruit juices Not From Concentrate (NFC) are ready to drink. You can’t get any closer to freshly squeezed fruit juice than NFC. The taste is perfect and juices capture their natural levels of vitamins, minerals and nutrition. Enough reason to explain why NFC’s are increasingly popular throughout the globe.

The fruits are simply pressed, filtered, pasteurized, chilled and shipped. That’s all. NFC’s usually don’t need any additives, but when desired Medibel can add vitamins, fruit pulps, minerals, plant extracts, cereals and fibers, health ingredients and anti-oxidants to your blend.

Of course, fruit juices Not From Concentrate are highly sensitive to things like temperature changes and exposure to oxygen. At Medibel we have all the top of the line equipment and the finest personnel to make sure we keep our NFC’s in top condition during blending and transport.

If you let Medibel blend your NFC fruit juices, we guarantee you a premium quality product. Great taste and great nutritive values that satisfy even the most demanding consumers and brands.